Wednesday, November 25, 2009


1. Kashi: On the confluence of rivers Ganga and Gomati in and around the present day Varanasi district [Capital: Varanasi]

2. Kosala: The present day eastern Uttar Pradesh with River Gomati on the west, River Sadaniva on the east, Nepal hills on the north and River Syandika on the south
[Capital: Shravasti (identical with present day Sahet­Mahet)]

3. Anga: In the present day Bhagalpur and Munger districts of Bihar, with Magadh on the west and Rajrnahal hills in the east [Capital: Champa]

4. Magadh: Areas around the present day Patna and Gaya districts of Bihar; protected by the rivers Son and Ganga on its north and west respectively.
[Capital: Girivraja or Rajgriha]

5. Vajji: Centred around the present day Vaishali district of Bihar; separated from Kosala by River Gandak [Capital: Vaishali]

6. Malla: Located to the east and south-east territory of the Sakayas, and south of the Vajji state [Capital: Kushinagar (Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh) and Pava]

7. Chedi: Eastern parts of the mod,ern Bundelkhand [Capital: Sotthivati (Suktimati; probably located in the Banda district of UP)]

8. Vatsa: Around modem Allahabad [Capital: Kausambi]

9. Kuru: Around the modem day Delhi-Meerut region [Capital: Hastinapur, Indraprastha and Isukara]

10. Panchal: Present day Rohilkhand and part of Central Doab (UP) [Capital: Northeqt Panchals-Ahicchatra (Bareilly district of UP);Southern Panchal-Kampilya]

11. Matsya: Modem day ]aipur - Bharatpur - Alwar regions of Rajasthan [Capital: Viratnagar]

12. Surasena: Mathura region at the junction of two famous ancient Indian trade
routes-Uttarapatha and Daksinapatha [Capital: Mathura ]

13. Assaka: On the bariks of River Godavari near modem Paithan in Maharashtra [Capital: Pratisthana ]

14. Avanti: Modem day Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh [Capital: Ujjain and Mahismati]

15. Gandhara: Between Kabul and Rawalpindi in North-Western Province [Capital: Taxila]

16. Kamboj: Around the present day Punch area in Kashmir; near the Gandhar state [Capital: Rajpur]

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