Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Literature The Buddhist sacred texts written in Pal collectively known as the Tripitaka (Three Baskets). A ~ gathering of monks met at Rajagriha soon after the Budd death. At this council, Upali, one of the chief discil recited the first part, the Vinaya Patrika, or rules of the OJ as he recalled having heard the Buddha give them. Ano d~sciple, Anan:la, recited the Sutta Patrika, the great cO! tion 'of -ii\e Buddha's sermons on matters of doctrine ethics.

A second general council is said to have been 1 at Vaisali, 100 years after the Buddha's death. Here sch raised its head, ostensibly over small points of mona discipline, and the order broke into two sections, orthodox Sthaviravadins (Theravadi) or "Believers in leaching of the Elders", and the Mahasanghikas or "Meml of. the Great Community". Numerous such differell appeared at the third council, held at Pataliputra under patronage of Asoka, which resulted in the expulsion many heretics and the establishment of the Sthavirav school as orthodox. At this council, it is said that the tl1 and last section was added to the Pali scriptures, Kathavatthu of the Abhidhamma Patrika, dealing with phi sophical principles, psychology and metaphysics. Talking literature, one should not fail to mention the Jataka tales relating to different births of the Buddha.

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